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Cali Linfor Portrait by Andy Peck

BREAKING NEWS! Lantern Tree: Four Books of Poems has WON the 2012 San Diego Book Awards for Best Published Anthology of Poetry.

Cali Linfor was raised mainly in Riverside, California, but she relocated to Los Angeles to complete her Bachelor of Arts in English, and then San Diego to obtain her MFA in poetry from SDSU, where she now lectures in rhetoric, composition and writing. Linfor served for sixteen years as poetry editor of Epicenter Literary Magazine; she has published poems, articles, and short stories in The Beloit Poetry Review, Manzanita Review, Ekphrasis, and others. Her first book, A Book of Ugly Things, appears in Lantern Tree: Four Books of Poems.

While Linfor’s academic research emphasizes educational equity, her literary work explores “the commonalities of repulsion and the habit of making beautiful what is not.” Linfor was born with a genetic disability that has influenced her examinations of beauty and ugliness, and her encounters with reading and writing as a child were affected by dyslexia. Linfor now resides in the Mission Trails area near the San Diego River. Linfor is a member of the Mayday Poetry Workgroup. The Book of Ugly Things is her first published book of poetry. Selections can be read at